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Some Peoplelet your laughter thunder, your love spread and touch others' lives...
we are meant to teach, train and treat children as our own...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

they drift by during the summer
towed by their eager parents
for enrollment..
they would sit behind their mom..
trying to take a peek..
trying to see the lady behind the table..
seeing if she can be trusted..
if she can be a friend...
curiously looking around the classroom..
trying to take in the various pictures..
the vivid colors..
the lively characters pasted on the wall or hanged on the ceiling..
eyeing the colorful books and the assortment of coloring materials..
trying to decide will this be a fun place..
5 months since the school year started..
and here they are...
holding the lady's hand whenever
they become uncertain during their major activities..
embracing the lady's body whenever they become upset & tears threaten to fall..
pulling the lady's ear whenever they need to share a secret..
stepping on the lady's toes whenever they rush to show off their achievement..
stubbornly refuse to see the lady
eye to eye whenevr they have done
something wrong.

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